Valentine’s Day is one week away!

Yay! Right!?

I heard on the news today that Winnipeg has the least romantic people in Canada… of course it was based on a survey which I’m sure lacked solid scientific accuracy… Having been in the flower biz for many a Valentine’s Day I’ve heard my share of moaning and complaining about how Valentine’s Day is a commercial creation solely for the benefit of corporate cash collectors. Now, I’m not going to get into the historical basis of February 14th, mostly because it would require me to google it, which I’m sure you can do all on your own, but also because really, it just doesn’t matter! When it comes to Valentine’s Day I found this quote to be quite fitting.

Without Valentine's Day Oak & Lily

January in Winnipeg is well… January. It’s kind of cold, it’s kind of dark, it’s kind of a month you just want to get through so you’re that much closer to spring. I’m all for prairie winter bragging rights but, I’m kind of glad there’s only one January every year. Really, maybe it’s because I’m a girl, and girls are supposedly the ones who benefit the most from this “terrible” holiday full of chocolate, and wine, and love, and FLOWERS!!!! But, I love Valentine’s Day. C’mon, what’s wrong with paper bags full of Valentine’s cards, cupcakes, and did I mention… FLOWERS!!!

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen first hand that Winnipeg is full of romantics! It doesn’t take much to say I love you and why not take advantage of a day that celebrates love and love-ly things! And let’s not be lame and all discriminate-y, love is for everyone! Friends, family, strangers, and yes, even your “significant others”! Let’s love love and leave January behind!

If you want to show someone you love that they deserve a little romance this February 14th we can help! Check out some of our Valentine’s Day flowers selection, and stay tuned for a sampling of our super great Valentine’s Day cards. Give us a call to place an order for delivery or pick up. The sooner the better, for first dibs on the bestest blooms!

The countdown is on!