I can not believe how long it has taken me to actually post this. It took me a month to write it and then another month to just let it simmer… Now, it will finally be shared…

When I first received the announcement I thought it was too good to be true. A two day floral design workshop with Amy Merrick at Floret Flower Farm? Amy Merrick! AND Floret Flower Farm! YES! Absolutely YES!

floret flower farm

I have been following Erin and her family at Floret Flower Farm for a very long time through her blog and instagram, where she shares the beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) life they live on the flower farm. I have been able to relate to her stories on so many levels and I always thought it would be such a pleasure to meet her and visit her farm in the “real” world. Amy Merrick, is a floral design icon. She is based in Brooklyn and has made popular the gorgeous natural arrangements of the likes of Constance Spry. It was a match made in heaven and a dream come true for me.

It was quite the journey, right from the start. The timing was not exactly ideal. Multiple weddings, staff on holidays, and peak travel season made it difficult to schedule time away and get to the final destination. But when Melinda, from A New Leaf in Kelowna, walked into my shop and said she was going I knew it was a sign I had to go too. She was so sweet and had the same passion for flowers that I do. In the end it was meant to be. And so it was.

At the end of August I spent two dreamy days with two of the most beautiful and talented flower girls in the world, Erin Benzakein from Floret Flower Farm and Amy Merrick, New York florist and stylist extraordinare!

Erin and Amy
Amy and Erin

Along with a group of kindred flower loving spirits we created the most spectacular storm of floral design that you ever did see!

When one sees a too good to be true dream ahead of them, the tendency can perhaps be to have a little doubt, to lower expectations to avoid disappointment. I may have found myself doing just that as I prepared to meet the group of ladies I would be spending the weekend with and our over the top talented leaders. Amy Merrick is a floral goddess and I have been following Erin at Floret for such a while that I feel like we are connected (even if it’s in one of those I know you more than you know me kind of way). The roster of participants from all over the world included insanely great floral designers, creative directors and art directors, graphic designers, and Anthropologie display artists! I would be rubbing shoulders with some very talented, very creative people. It wasn’t that I was lowering my expectations of these women, it was that I was preparing myself for the reality that I was sure would hit when I actually met these people in the the place I have only dreamt of being perfect. Because perfection and reality can’t really coexist, right?




farm house

Wrong! From the moment I stepped towards the group of beautiful women on the lawn of a historic farmhouse, surrounded by a cornfield and the beautiful valley of Mount Vernon, WA, as the evening light began to soften, it was perfect. Amy stretched out her hand and welcomed me like an old friend (an old friend who’s name she didn’t yet know, but a warm genuine welcome nonetheless). Erin was just the same as when I “met” her for the first time on her blog. It was effortless and I knew that the weekend would be one that would open up so many new and wonderful things. The table was set with the most delicious wine and cheese with all the extras in perfect presentation. The big red barn on the other side of the driveway, built in 1806, was where we would be stationed to work the next two days. If this was reality it was pretty perfect. And it was just the beginning.

barn _MG_6483 _MG_6422

The morning would bring buckets and buckets of hand picked flowers, and more passion for beauty than I’ve seen in while. So much that I will have to spread it over a couple more posts. Stayed tuned, it is contagious. It is perfect and real.

buckets of flowers in the barn









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