After spending a lovely evening meeting the ladies I would be spending the weekend with I was even more excited for day two, the official first day of the workshop with Amy Merrick and Floret Flower Farm.

After a delicious breakfast on the porch of the farm house, we started the day in our farm shoes at Floret Flower Farm.


We cut buckets and buckets of beautiful blooms, our feet barely touching the ground as we took in the beauty of the flowers, the farm, and the passion behind it.


We got an inside peek into the hard work that Erin and her family put into producing fabulous flowers on her farm, and her sweet, swoon worthy studio where she arranges luscious bouquets for lucky brides. My photographs can not do it justice. You must visit her blog for the real deal!


cafe au lait _MG_6467

We returned to the barn for lunch, delicious eats from local farms, (beautifully prepared by Anne Parker). With full bellies we were ready to really get our hands dirty. Amy gave a demonstration arranging an extraordinary hand tied bouquet. The lush, yet airy and natural, style allowed each bloom, leaf, stem, and vine to shine in its own unique beauty. Then it was our turn to gather armfuls of our freshly cut blossoms to create some of the most jaw dropping bouquets!



It was such a dream to work with the flowers we had just picked that morning. It was so hard to not put every single blossom into my bouquet! In the end I ended up with what I called a “convertible” bouquet, (a two in one!). One side focused on the unbelievable pink and watermelon coloured dahlias, zinnias, and garden roses. The other side had a sunny summer palette of gold garden roses and orange zinnias. The whole bouquet had the added charm of crabapple branches, viburnum berries, clematis vine and the most luxurious scented geranium!

_MG_6670 _MG_6665

Once our bouquets were bound with soft gauzy silk ribbons we headed out to rest our heads for the night. It was such an inspiring day, filled with inspiring flowers, passionate and creative friends, delicious food, and exhilarating surroundings. Day three, officially day two of the workshop, promised giant compote arrangements and a magical table setting that we would enjoy our final dinner at. If I had any worry after day one and two that day three would disappoint it was long gone. My expectations for day three were as high as the sky, and let me tell you, there was no disappointment. It was every bit as enchanting as any dream I have ever dreamt…





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