Day three of the Floret Flower Farm Workshop hosted by Amy Merrick and Erin Benzakein was literally a midsummer’s night dream. OK, it really had no real resemblance to Shakespeare’s comedy, and it was more like late summer, but it was a dream!

The day began with another relaxed breakfast on the farmhouse porch. We then gathered in the barn to roll up our sleeves for the day ahead. It was bound to be epic.

Floret Flower Farm barn buckets in window


After another inspiring demonstration by the captivating Amy Merrick, we once again gathered our armloads of blossoms to create compote arrangements to be used for the evening’s festivities.

Floret Flower Farm Workshop compote

We spent hours placing and coaxing the blossoms, branches, fruit, flowers, and vines into their places before breaking for lunch. I think it was during this time that so many of us were challenged and inspired by our designs, by the flowers, by each other. The conversations scattered through out the room between neighbours, and the passing encouragements from kindred spirits, were heartfelt. Over the last few days, (hours really), we had begun to tighten this bond that brought us all together to this place and to this time. We had shared stories, tricks of the trade, confidences and insecurities. We were all in this together. This crazy world of flowers, fleeting glimpses of beauty that take time and energy to grow and blossom. It would be way to cheesy, and far too cliche, for me to start drawing parallels between us and the flowers we are so passionate about, but let me tell you, it would be so fitting!

_MG_6588 _MG_6724 _MG_6718


_MG_6819 _MG_6830


We had so much to do, and time was flying by! After a quick session creating floral crowns we got down to preparing for the grand finale. The old rustic barn was to be transformed into a magical, enchanting place for the flower girls to enjoy their last meal together.




Truck loads of branches, vines, fruit and flowers were all used to set the scene. The table was set with the finest linen, china, and silverware. Flowers, fruit, and candles flooded the room. It was surreal in its beauty. And we didn’t have to dust off our foot prints as we left the room for a client to enjoy. We got to slip into dresses, don our floral crowns, and dine by candle light surrounded by the fruits of our labour!



The weekend came to end too soon. I think the return to reality was a bit of a shock, waking from the dream it feels as though it was just a story I once heard someone tell. But the mark those few days left on me will be forever engrained in my heart. There is something about doing something you love, with people who are just as in love with it as you are, that makes you feel so connected even across the miles. Because they get it. They get that sometimes beautiful things take a lot of really dirty, really hard, really exhausting, time consuming, work. And, the joy that that work brings, that joy that can be shared with others, is what makes it so worth it. They also get that beauty is fleeting, it is a moment in time, a perfect blossom for just one day, a friend who’s name you don’t even remember but who get’s it  just like you do, a magical, enchanting dream.  Beauty is fleeting, but the joy it brings impacts each moment the future brings…


Thank you ladies for an unforgettable weekend of unforgettable beauty.

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  1. Tatiana: I really enjoyed reading these 3 posts – I felt like I was right there in the garden and in the barn – your writing is really good! You take wonderful photos too 🙂 Looking forward to popping in soon to pick up some inspiration for my home!

  2. Love your posts about the workshop! I had a whole bunch of hits to my blog and discovered it was from you! Thanks and it was so fun to meet everyone. Hope all is well in your shop:)

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