For Valentines and Galentines

Winnipeg Florist for Valentines Flowers Oak & Lily Pink and white rose arrangement

For Valentines and Galentines

Think pink! As Maggie Prescott might say. When you shop for Valentine’s. Think pink! And the
world is rosey-red.

Because both Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day are on the horizon (for anyone wondering,
Galentine’s Day is the unofficial holiday on February 13 where ladies celebrate ladies) I wanted
to write a few thoughts on their two traditional colours … and maybe a few others too.

I’ll start with red. It’s the warmest colour and generally thought to symbolise intense, passionate
love, which is probably why giving red roses is such a classic gesture of devotion. Yes, roses can
be red, but ranunculus, anemones, tulips, poppies and more also bloom in this deep, rich shade
and might contribute a new, unique element to the traditional red bouquet.

Winnipeg Florist Oak & Lily Valentine's Day Flowers Pink and Red rose bouquet

Pink, as we all know, is red mixed with white—a softer colour that often represents less intense
emotions like admiration, happiness, beauty and joy. It also has some pretty cool girl power

Over the past few months we’ve actually been a bit obsessed with pale pinks and peaches. We’ve
had ranunculus, roses, lilies and carnations in this fresh, blushing tone, and we love using it
because it adds a lot of warmth and femininity to the arrangements we make.

But just as pink and red are the colours of many different blooms, flowers bloom in many
different, equally beautiful colours: whimsical and romantic purples; natural and refreshing
greens; warm, bright, joyful yellows; soft, pure whites; and cool, peaceful blues are just a few

All of these colours and feelings are worth celebrating, but colours (and flowers) often mean
different things to different people—it’s one of the reasons they’re so special and unique.

So why not go for the colour (or flower) that represents something unique and special about the
relationship you’re celebrating? Maybe a bouquet of greens reminds your friend/loved one of
their favourite wilderness retreat. Or maybe they’ve always loved yellow sunflowers. Or maybe,
after all, their favourite colour is pink.

All of this is to say think whatever colour you like. Some people love the classics, but others
prefer to make their own traditions. Ultimately, every relationship deserves to be celebrated in its
own unique and inspiring way.

Give us a call at the shop and we would be happy to help you select the perfect gift for your Galentine or Valentine!

Funny Face (1957) (quoted and paraphrased)


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