Oak & Lily Flower Arrangement

The shifting of the seasons always brings change. Nature’s beauty is best experienced in cycles. New life emerges from what appears to be expired. Fruit is formed from flowers and nourishes bodies and souls. The bounty of high season explodes into displays of abundance and then fades to feed the life that is forming beneath the surface during a period of rest so that new fruit and flowers can emerge once again.

Nine years ago I acquired the keys to the little corner shop where Oak & Lily would grow from the seed of a dream to a place full of life! And now, as the boldness of summer has shifted to the misty, golden days of fall, changes are also happening in the little shop of Oak & Lily.

It is with great delight that I now hand the keys over to a new dreamer. I have been blessed to see my dream come true and now I am happy to see my dream be passed on to make another’s dream come true too.

I am honoured and humbled to introduce to you the new owner of Oak & Lily, Jessica McRae. Jessica has numerous years of experience working in the floral industry and has been serving you at Oak & Lily for over two years. I cannot think of anyone else I would rather see take care of the life of Oak & Lily.

As I move on to make more dreams come true I am so grateful for everyone that I have been blessed by during my season with Oak & Lily. So many people contributed to the abundance of its bounty. Thank you all for your support!

Next, I will be taking some time to rest and see what new seeds will grow in my own life. Please stay in touch and feel free to join me on my new journey on Instagram at @wyldgardyn.


With gratitude,



Images by Aislynn Palmer at Miss Millie’s Flower Farm